Initial Questions – Why You Are Testifying, Stress

jpadmin   November 27, 2015   Comments Off on Initial Questions – Why You Are Testifying, Stress

Why you’ve decided to testify at the DUI trial:

Q: When I am finished, the prosecutor will question you. He might be a more confusing because he hasn’t taken time to know you, but please answer him, okay?
Q: We sent the prosecutor a letter stating you wanted to speak to him?
Q: They never called?
Q: They didn’t take the time to listen to you?
Q: Did the police officer ever ask your side of this story?
Q: No really, they simply followed a script?
Q: You wanted to talk to this jury even though the judge told you didn’t have to?
Q: Why?
Q: How important is it you tell that jury your side of the story?

Stress the Day of that Incident

Q: Let us talk about events on day DUI arrest happened.
Q: Were you still at work?
Q: How long have you been working at NBC?
Q: What work do you do there?
Q: Sounds like this a very responsible position.
Q: The company figures you are responsible?
Q: One with good judgment?
Q: Do you have to supervise any others?
Q: How many people?

Your DUI defense lawyer will continue with this vein until they paint a complete picture for that jury of all the stresses in the day.

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