Nineteen Effective Drunk Driving Defenses

jpadmin   December 30, 2015   Comments Off on Nineteen Effective Drunk Driving Defenses

1. Your car was stopped with no legal justification.
2. The officer did not have a justifiable reason to arrest you.
3. The police’s observations include explanations other than inebriation.
4. Field sobriety examinations are not valid indicators of inebriation.
5. The police officer did not score the sobriety test correctly.
6. You had performance issues with the sobriety test because of environmental or medical factors.
7. You were given no Miranda warning.
8. You did not receive an implied consent warning.
9. The breath testing machine did not function correctly.
10. The test operator was unqualified.
11. The breath test was administered incorrectly.
12. You were not observed prior to the breath test.
13. You had a physical condition which elevated the results of the breath test.
14. Your blood wasn’t drawn properly.
15. Fermentation transpired within the test vial.
16. Your test was completed in a hospital lab with serum or plasma and was not converted to a complete blood result.
17. The test indicates a false positive because of injuries or other factors of contamination.
18. No one witnessed you driving.
19. Your blood or breath test results do not indicate your alcohol level at the time during which you were driving.

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