Presenting a DUI Case

jpadmin   November 25, 2015   Comments Off on Presenting a DUI Case

DUI Case

In any given trial, especially in a DUI case, the prosecution always starts first. The prosecutor then proceeds with an opening argument, followed by witnesses as well as any evidence that is given in the case. Then later on, they will make the first closing statement to the jury. However, this does not necessarily mean that your lawyer has to wait until the very end of the case to present your side of your story to the jury.

Since many jurors tend to make opinions about the DUI case ahead of time, a defense lawyer should always be prepared by coming up with a good persuasive argument and must take advantage of it throughout the entire trial, starting with selecting a well-qualified jury of course.

Developing a theme

Some attorneys decide to skip the theme concept and instead, like to attack every single theory that is being thrown out to them. They resort to vigorously cross-examining every witness, even the less important ones.

The attorneys enjoy challenging every single piece of evidence that is brought to court even though it is not usually harmful to the defense team. In the end, the defense attorneys present their closing arguments and then ask the jury to pick which ones are just enough to create doubt.

In regards to drunk driving cases, a defense attorney will create a theme focused primarily on the facts of your case and what really happened on the day that you got charged with the DUI.

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