The Negative Starting Position

jpadmin   November 25, 2015   Comments Off on The Negative Starting Position

How the experienced drunk driving attorney will overcome the DUI defendant negative position in the drunk driving case:

The most experienced drunk driving attorney does understand something very true: most jurors will not sympathize with the defendant on trial for drunk driving attorney. That’s because these defendants are charged with a very unpopular crime, and in many cases these defendants are nor likable. The drunk driving attorney has a very difficult task: the defense must overcome the fact individuals charged with committing unpopular crimes are viewed as unpopular.

This fact is one of many that the drunk driving attorney must overcome to obtain a not guilty verdict. Some other facts:

Jurors identify with the police, respecting most police officers, and viewing the police testimony as much more credible than the defense attorney and their witnesses. The State will have the benefit of of chemical evidence that will then be touted by those witnesses and also by that prosecutor as being infallible.

During the entire proceeding, from the very beginning all the way to the end, and then the law that also will likely be applied to these proceeding, for the most part, is going to be prosecution oriented for good reason.

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